Basic Needs For Survival

Basic Needs For Survival for Plant, Human and Animals

As a human, it’s so difficult to survive in this world. We face so many problems a whole day. But God has created this world and provides all the needs for humans to live on the earth. The grain, water, and all the needed things help us to survive.

Each human being has different needs like clothes to wear, water to drink, food to eat, and some extra technical things to make everything easy. Science has introduced so many things to survive easily. Like machines, factories etc helps to produce new things that may eliminate all the problems.

But we want to know what are the basic needs for survival and how do I can survive easily. This question comes to mind because people want to live a simple, fresh, easy life.

If we do not have property, machines, vehicles, etc, then how can we survive. Let’s discuss the basic needs to survive on the earth and try to eliminate our risks, problems, etc.

What are the basic needs for survival?

The basic needs for survival are water, food, air, and shelter. A human can’t survive without these basic needs. Because we eat food to fill our empty stomach that produces energy in our body.

Water helps to eliminate thurst and a human cannot live without water. Air also plays an important role to make survival easy. Shelter helps to protect us from natural disasters, sunlight, rain, etc.

Similarly, there are some other needs that are important to survive on earth. Such as clothing, sleep, a neat and clean environment, communication facilities, warmth, etc.

Research shows that a human can’t live without water, food, and air. All other needs just make it easy to survive and help to eliminate the problems. Let’s take a look how these basic needs helps us to survive on the earth.

5 Basic Needs For Survival

To survive on the earth, a human needs 5 basic things like water, air, food, shelter, and clothing. So, let’s discuss all these needs deeply.

1: Air

Air is a basic need to survive on the earth because it helps to take breathe. Hence, air contains oxygen and all living things need oxygen. Without air, no one can stay alive for a day. Also, air determines the quality of life.

Essential points of air:

  • A human or person inhales 16 kg of air in a daily routine and it helps to say healthy.
  • The air makes atmospheric pressure that plays an important role.
  • The atmosphere pressure should be more than 16% of oxygen because less than the average oxygen can be life-threatening. It can create difficulties for all.
  • The natural air helps to grow in a healthy environment whereas the poor air contains some gases such as smoke, carbon monoxide, and ash. It is also called air pollution that creates so many difficulties and problems for a human being.
  • It is an important and sad fact of air pollution that it kills 800 people every 13 minutes. It may create many diseases like stroke, critical lower respiratory conditions in kids, a regular obstructive pulmonary disorder, ischemic heart disease, lung cancer, etc.

2: Water

Water is also a basic need to live on earth and it plays important role in the human body. Water is a basic+essential need for every living thing like an animal, bird, plant, human, etc. But a human can’t survive without water because 60% of the human body is made up of water. Water helps to regulate the body temperature that prevents us from many disorders.

Similarly, water boosts the energy of the body by delivering important nutrients to our cells. Water also flushes the waste from the body and keeps our stomach clean. The lack of water in the human body may cause many diseases such as dysentery, typhoid, diarrhea, hepatitis A, cholera, and polio.

3: Food

Food is an essential and basic need to survive on the earth. It provides energy to our body and many other nutrients like carbs, fat, vitamins, etc. All these nutrients are necessary for our body and improve the energy level, boost the digestive system, and provide power to live a healthy life.

It is necessary because a human can’t survive without eating something. God has provided us so many grains, vegetables, fruits, and many other food items to give power, energy, and nutrients to our bodies. It also may cause us to produce blood in our body that plays an essential role.

4: Shelter

Housing or shelter is important to survive because it saves us from natural disasters. We can stay in a shelter to live a protective life. Hence, a human makes shelters to survive in every sensitive situation like heavy rain, storm, sunlight in summer, and flood.

But nowadays people prefer housing rather than shelters because shelter can’t protect them for so long. Whereas houses are so protective and can protect from all sensitive situations. Without shelter or housing, a human can’t survive for so long because protection is important.

5: Clothing

Our basic need is clothing because we can’t survive without clothes. We need to protect our bodies with clothes and it is important. The cloths can protect us from cold, hot, and toxic materials.

Cloths also save our bodies from injuries and are important to protect our bodies from ultraviolet radiation. In this modern world, there are so many types of clothes and every type can be used in different conditions.


A human cannot survive without Basic Needs For Survival and we have explained them very well. There are many other survival needs such as environment, sex, sleep, good air, healthy food, etc. All these essentials provide energy, boosts lives, reduce disorders, and provide a way to live a healthy life.

Some resources just provide us protection from sensitive conditions. We need to make plans to eliminate our problems and strategies to save our basic needs like air, food, water, etc.

Without these essential needs, we can’t survive and the poor quality of these needs also may cause many problems.

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