how long can you live without water when dying

How Long Can You Live Without Water When Dying

There are a lot of things which keep our body fresh and healthy, but the main ingredient which we can’t ignore in our daily life routine is water, H2O. If you want to live your life properly, then you need to take care of the amount of your water.

You will also get to know that how long can you live without water when dying depend on your environment and activities. If the volume of the water you take is ignored able then there is a high chance that you will die soon.

But it will also depend on your environment if you perform an activity that needs more water and you cant take water as much you have to take, then in two to three days, your chances of death will increase. Because your body needs five to seven liter’s water daily. You will face the unhealthy symptoms of dehydration very quickly.

Without water on the first day, you will feel thirsty and sluggish which also give a bad impact on your body organs like the heart and kidney. Keep in mind, that dehydration does not affect same on every person but it will vary from person to person. Because every person has a different level of tolerance which keep you surviving from dehydration.

How Long Can You Live Without Water When Dying?

To be able to survive in life you need to take water which keeps you hydrated all day. Because water gives a boost to your body organs to work properly for you and make you fit all the day. Sweat and urination consume water, and in this way, you need to replenish the lost fluids of your body.

Without the water, you can’t live long. It’s only two to three days for you to live your life without taking a single sip of water. Your death will depend on different factors, but sooner or later you will die with the effects of dehydration.

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In medical terms, dehydration means not giving water to your body to work properly. You need a certain amount of water in your daily life routine which keeps you healthy and fit. Keep in mind, that water makes up 60 percent of your overall body weight and 75% makes it from trusted sources from body weight.

Without taking a single sip of water, you won’t live long and you will face symptoms that are the cause of your death. It also varies with your body nature that how can you live with dehydration including:

  • Natural Conditions of your environment.
  • Your daily activity level.
  • Your age.
  • Your current health.
  • Weight of your body.
  • Also, it depends on your gender.
  • The food you intake.

Water consumes along with these factors of your body. In hot conditions when you get more sweat on your body, then you need more water consumption.

Also, if you have some type of fever, or having vomiting then your body will lose water more quickly. In this case, you need to take more water as much as possible.

While exercising or any playing activity, your body also needs more water in this situation. There are a lot of foods in the market, naturally, they have a high volume of water in them than others.

Caffeine and alcohol are the major things that contribute to the dehydration stage. Juice and herbal tea are the sources of water consumption as a beverage.

Best Amount Of Water To Drink?

Without taking a single sip of water and food you won’t be live longer more than three weeks. The people who are laying over their deathbed while consuming less energy may live only for a few days or maybe for a week without water. You have to know that water is more essential for you than taking food.

People who get access to take food easily but there is no water for them, in this situation they can live for few months or maybe longer. According to science, taking a minimum of 1.5 liters of water will help you to live for months even if you are on a hunger strike.

Because it will manage your body organs to live with this quantity of fluid level. You can also add some quantity of salt in your water if you get more sweat, it will maintain your body’s sodium.

According to medical research, women take 91 ounces of water each day and men take 125 ounces of water for each day, through foods and beverages. This level of liquid intake for those people who are living in a moderate climate or they are healthy, but not particularly active.

What happens when you don’t drink water?

Your body will be highly affected by the amount of water that you take every day. You will get water on your thirst base, but when you don’t get a thirst for water then there is maximum chance to get symptoms that are a danger to your life. You drink water in your daily life according to your thirst level.

Without taking enough water in your daily routine, the internal system of your body will get change and you will see its dangerous consequences quickly.

The cells of your body will get shrink. You will get less urine because of your brain signals, this will naturally occur through your important organ kidneys. Your kidneys consume more energy when you don’t get enough water.

Kidneys play important role in our body, it will help you to flush out the waste material from blood with the help of an adequate amount of water. Kidneys and other important organs of your body will cease to work without the supply of water. Without water:

  • The body temperature of your body will not stay regulated.
  • Electrolytes of your body will not be balanced.
  • The joints of your body will not work accurately for you.
  • Most importantly, your brain gets swelling.
  • Also, your blood pressure may increase or decrease which cause serious problem for you.
  • You may also face kidney failure.
  • Certain death.
  • The shock of hypoglycemic.
  • You may also feel dizziness and confusion.

What will happen when you take less water?

Constipation and hard stools are the most common side effects when you drink less water in your daily life routine. You may also get severe abdominal pain which leads to death, and also you will get dull skin on your body with extreme dehydration levels. Your dace will dry and ashy skin which is dangerous for you.


Maintaining your life with enough use of water is far better than being hydrated for the whole day. It has a variety of benefits which help your body organs to function properly and make you healthy.

Without using water, you will be only able to survive a matter of days or weeks only. Your thirst level decides that how much need to take water for your body.

In the high-temperature environment, or during exercising, or in some kind of illness you should need to contribute more water to stay healthy. You can live for months while taking food, but you won’t be able to live more than seven days without taking a single sip of water. You need to make a habit to drink more water in a hot environment to prevent dehydration.

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