How To Survive In The Desert

Tips on How To Survive In The Desert with Nothing

The Desert is one of the special places on earth which attracts everyone to spend time and enjoy nature. There are four types of deserts on the earth that are situated on different continents such as cold deserts, hot/dry deserts, coastal deserts, and semi-arid deserts.

As tourists like to explore the world and many people like to visit deserts, want to enjoy the climate, like explore the production of plants, desire to enjoy different food, etc. But the desert tour is not so much as you think.

You will have to bear so many things, face so many difficulties. Like if you are going to visit the cold desert, you have to prepare yourself for blizzards, snowstorms, and recurrent droughts.

Similarly, if you are going to visit a dry or hot desert, you have to prepare yourself for so many difficulties which are explained in the below area.

This article is especially for those people who want to know How To Survive In The Desert and some techniques or guidelines to avoid difficulties in a hot or dry dessert. So, let’s get start the discussion.

Guidelines To Survive In The Desert

To visit the desert, you have to make a proper plan and pack your bag with needed items. Because planning is the first step that can help you to survive every difficult situation. So, you have to add some points to your planning, these are as follows:

Pack Your Bag

You have to pack your bag with pair of garments, some food, liquid, a map, devices like a mobile or iPad, a power bank (charger), shelter, map, Cords or rope, a perfect vehicle, etc. These things will help you to enjoy your trip and no need to face any problems.

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Take The Right Survival Gear

Do not forget to take the survival kit because it may help you in a difficult situation. So, you need to add some items to your survival kit, these are as follows:

  • Keep a First aid kit ( bandages, pain killers, etc)
  • Multi-tools or a knife
  • Tablets of water purification
  • You have to keep a compass because you can’t rely on GPS in the desert
  • Keep some kind of bandana, dust mask, or scarf. These items will help you to avoid sand storms.
  • Also, you need to keep something to start a fire like a lighter.
  • You can also keep a hand torch or hand lamp for lighting.

How To Survive In The Desert Without Planing

If you are traveling and got stuck in the desert because of some vehicle problems, weather issues, etc, then don’t worry and just follow our tips. These are as follows:

1: Don’t Panic

If you are stuck and want some help, then you have to be strong. Don’t panic in an emergency situation and prepare yourself to face all the problems.

Because panic is the worst thing and it can distract you and make you worry. Hence, you need to control the panic and just concentrate on the items collection that can help in desert survival. If you feel that panic control is hard for you, you can follow these tips.

  • First of all, you have to close your eyes and take a breath without thinking anything.
  • Secondly, take a water bottle from your bag and drink it.
  • Now, you should face formative phases and be calm, cool, and collected.

2: Determine Whether To Stay

In emergency situation on the desert, you can quickly decide which place will be better for you. If you are going to stay the whole night, then you can choose the right place where no one can disturb you.

Survival Tips For Night

In hot or dry desert area, you can’t be moving anywhere during the daytime because of the hot and dry weather. The night will be cooler than the day and the night air enables you to travel faster with minimum risk of warmth fatigue. In hot environments, this advice will keep away from many risks and health issues.

You can stop walking if you feel tired, weak, or exhausted. Moreover, you can take off some clothes and use water. You can also wear wet clothes to feel good.

3: Some Kind of Weapon

If you are traveling the desert area, then you have to keep a gun, revolver, or some kind of weapon which can protect you from a thief, animals, etc. But if you have not, you can use a knife to save you from animals.

4: Find Sources of Water If You Have Not

A human cannot survive without water and the hot desert area can create some difficult situations. Hence, it is necessary to find the sources of water which may help you to avoid dryness.

Find Out about The Dried River Area

In the river area, you have to just dig a hole and get water immediately. Just a small hole cannot take the most time and you will take it easy.

Collect Rain Water

In a dry or hot area, you will have to face a lack of water. You will be lucky if you find rainwater. You can just take the water and move ahead. In an emergency situation, you can drink that rainwater to save your life.

5: Finding Food In The Desert

If there are no food items in your bag, then you should find them. Because without eating something, you can’t survive.

  • You can find some edible insects like ants, reptiles, snakes, grasshoppers, tarantulas, and many other insects. So, you can cook them and eat them to save your life.
  • Moreover, you can find edible plants like Prickly Pear Cactus, Curled Dock, Asparagus, Elderberry, Nettle, Wild Raspberry, etc.
  • You can also hunt animals and put them on fire to cook well and then eat.


You have to be strong because surviving in the desert is not an easy task. You have to prepare yourself and need to be aware of the weather while traveling. If unexpectedly you have to face a problem during traveling, then don’t worry and get some tips from this web page.

After reading this article you have no need to think about How To Survive In The Desert etc. Because all helpful guidelines and tips are explained well and will help you to enhance your knowledge.

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