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Dan Sullivan My Survival Farm Review [PDF Book Download]

The modern world has become harmful for our generation where people have made weapons to destroy the world. Yes, modern civilization has created weapons to show its power to the enemies.

Militaries and Sate holders try to make their influence by using harmful weapons. The disaster leaves a huge effect on common people. You can take the recent Covid pandemic as an example of this disaster.

Everybody has gone through hard times regarding their jobs, businesses, and many other social matters. People got jobless, lost their businesses, and failed to establish strong relationships with loved ones. Therefore, people should be trained to face the upcoming disasters.

You can keep yourself if you succeeded to build a never-ending food resource. You can establish a long-lasting food supply with the help of a healthy garden at your home. You can grow a high-quality garden at home that could supply a tremendous amount of food during disasters.

My Survival Farm is a thorough guide that helps to grow and maintain a healthy garden at home. Today, we are going to review the My Survival Farm guide.

The demand for this program got increased after the pandemic of 2020. Therefore we have decided to share an honest and detailed review including pros and cons.

My Survival Farm Review

My Survival Farm is an ideal guide that allows you to plant, grow and maintain a survival garden. If you had been struggling to achieve a healthy lavishing garden then you must try it out.

This program helps you to grow vegetables, fruit trees, medicinal plants, and roots. This garden will not only supply you with food during disasters but also you can use medicinal plants to prepare emergency medicines. This means you are ready to set up a complete Survival Farm.

About the Author

A famous agriculture expert Dan F Sullivan is the author of My Survival Farm who has been a renowned gardener for years. He also owns a professional website of which is editor-in-chief.

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What is included in My Survival Farm?

After getting the My Survival Farm guide, you will be happy with the results and benefits. Also, you will be proud of your decision of buying My Survival Farm survival farm review

My Survival Farm offers you the following beneficial things in the program.

A Secret Garden

First of all My Survival Farm book teaches you how to build a secret garden at home. You can hide your garden from others. This means that your garden is safe from looters. You can save your crops from looters and animals that can harm them.

Keeping the Pets in Control

One of the most important factors in the field of gardening. Because nobody wants to get his crop destroyed by pets. If you can successfully keep your garden safe from pets, you will get a healthy crop every season. My Survival Farm book has a separate section to keep the Pets in Control.

Medicinal Plants

Through this book, you can get a detailed section on growing 50 different medicinal plants. The book includes some useful instructions on growing different plants. The author claims that if you successfully follow all of these instructions, you will be able to grow a beneficial medicinal plant at home. You can benefit from these plants during pandemics.

Blueprint for Your Garden

This book offers comprehensive details on building an ideal garden. You will get all the necessary measurements and estimates required to build and grow a survival farm. An individual can follow these instructions conveniently to grow an ideal survival farm.

Before planting your vegetables and fruit trees you need to go through this section. If you don’t have any plans for the garden then you can read this before planting any plant. Because you will also learn to make an ideal fertile soil for your veggies and fruits.

Additional Security

Along with the growth and health of your garden, my survival farm book offers you some additional security tips. The book helps you to build a secure fence. After installing this fence, your backyard will be extra secure. It will not only secure your garden but also help to add security factors to your home.


SHTF Water

  • You will be able to discover an advanced method of purifying and storing water.
  • You can create a non-stop supply of water.

Veggie Profits.

  • Sell the extra veggies to earn profits.
  • You will be able to learn advanced tips on commercialization.

Canning Authority.

  • You can keep your products long-lasting by mastering storage and shelf life skills.
  • You will be learning different canning skills.

Permaculture Action Plan and Checklist

  • You will learn all the basic advanced techniques of permaculture.

Family Survival Blueprint

  • This bonus is for people who don’t have a survival farm plan. They can get a detailed guide on building the survival farm for the first time.

How does My Survival Farm work?

My survival Farm is a basic guide that helps you to grow a secret garden at home. This garden will not be like a normal garden you try to grow every year. But there is a solid reason and theory behind building this garden. This farm will be designed systematically to fulfil your needs in hard times.

The author is aware of the current situation of our planet. Everyone is in a rush to get successful in the war of power. Every country wants to rule the world.

Therefore, almost all countries have developed dangerous weapons to destroy their enemies. But this war of completion and power will bring a huge disaster in the upcoming day.

This is why Elon Musk is also trying to search for a new planet. Because he is aware of the upcoming destruction of the earth.

The whole above scenario gives rise to the phenomenon of My Survival Farm. Through this guide, you can use your backyard and turn it into a survival farm.

This farm will prepare veggies, fruits and medicines for you when the world would be burning. This is a pre-planned survival method that will help to feed your family in hard times.

Moreover, through this guide, you can earn a profit by selling your own homemade products. You can sell out extra veggies and fruits to fulfil your other needs of life.

This guidebook is designed to give you complete details from start to end. You will learn from A to Z. from building a garden to selling products.

Therefore, you are going to welcome a whole new mini world inside your home. If you have a small backyard. Then you can turn it into your survival farm.

Since it is a survival farm, therefore it can be grown without water and sunlight. In the absence of water and sunlight, you can grow your own veggies and fruits at home.

Benefits of My Survival Farm

Save grocery budget

Once you start growing your own veggies and fruits at home, you will see a big difference in your budget. You don’t need to buy veggies and fruits from a grocery shop when you have already fresh veggies at home. Nutrients enriched fresh veggies and fruits are available easily at home.

Inner Harmony

You feel independent because you don’t have to buy food from the market anymore. Your survival isn’t dependent on other products. You have your own survival farm that will be producing high-quality fresh food items.

Natural cure with remedies

You will get a comprehensive guide on growing and using medicinal plants. These medicinal plants help you to make emergency remedies at home. These remedies are enriched in natural health benefits with zero side effects.

My Survival Farm Review – The Pros and Cons:


  • My Survival Farm guides you through the steps of growing plants in the absence of sunlight and water.
  • This book teaches you to grow 120 plants. You can choose various plants according to your budget.
  • You can grow crops like veggies and fruits without concerning about the conditions.
  • The book contains detailed information to plant a healthy garden along with knowledge of permaculture.
  • The author gives you 60 days money-back guarantee. That means if you don’t see any progress in your garden then you can claim a refund.
  • You can download the book in the pdf after making the payment.


  • You cannot purchase a hard copy of the book from local shops or markets. The only online version is available. Therefore having a secure and strong internet connection is a must.
  • You can’t expect results by reading only a few pages. You need to read the entire book to achieve results.

My Survival Farm price:

My Survival Farm is available at only $39 through this link. The book is worth even more because you are going to build a long-lasting survival farm.

Is My Survival Farm legit or a scam?

My Survival Farm is not a scam at all. You will be able to build a life-long food supply through this guide. You don’t need to be worried about your money because it is secure by ClickBank. ClickBank is a secure affiliate marketing website through which you get 60 days money-back guarantee on every product.


Can I grow plants in the absence of water and sunlight? 

Yes, the author teaches you to grow fresh and healthy veggies even without water and sunlight. He is covering this point because he is aware of the increasing shortage of water throughout the world.

Does the book teach about the production of natural fertilizers? 

Yes, My Survival Farm has an entire section on this point. The author will be teaching you about making natural fertilizers at home.

What if the program doesn’t work for me? 

If you think that this book isn’t made for you. it includes information that doesn’t work for you then you can enjoy 60 days money-back guarantee. The company will not make you answerable for the refund issue.

What are the medical benefits of this book? 

After following the instructions you can grow some medicinal plants. These plants help you to cure some of the diseases like Asthama, Bronchitis, severe cold and fever, arthritis, etc naturally.

Final Word

I can say that you will find a lot of free data on different websites regarding farming. You can also get a huge amount of free data on YouTube in the farm of explaining videos.

A lot of YouTube channels will teach you how to build a successful Survival Farm. They will not only explain their teachings but also help you understand through demo videos.

But when it comes to trust and responsibility then nobody will be holding your hand anymore. You cannot claim for refund of your loss. You cannot make them responsible for your losses. Therefore, you should try a resource that is giving you 60 days money-back guarantee.

Therefore, we will recommend you to try it out for once in your life. You won’t be losing your money because of the guarantee. Also, it doesn’t have any side effects or health damage. You can trust the My Survival Farm pdf file. Moreover, it is available online, therefore you will be getting instant access after making payment.

Then again, assuming you need to develop your own food normally yet don’t have the foggiest idea how to begin, in case you’re interested in permaculture planting, or on the other hand on the off chance that you essentially need to gain from an accomplished survivalist and permaculture specialists, My Survival Farm is an extraordinary, alternative for you to consider.

All things considered, that is it for this survey. We trust you track down this valuable and wish you the best of luck with your endurance cultivating.

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