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A good Spy stories have always been fantastic for everyone that often create more suspense and interest for most people to dive into them. However, most of the people desperately like to hear the good spy story and also want to live in such kind of fantasy stories, even though more dangerous spycraft usually done with quite secretly which nobody have ever noticed it.

Today people keeps more fascinating into survival stories and also wishes to survive like a good spy that’ why bestselling author and former CIA officer Jason Hanson have decided putting everyone inside the world of espionage, exposing true stories and expert techniques that have gained from real agents who spent their whole life with different kinds of threatening missions around the world.

How To Survive Like a Spy:

Although, if you’re a big fan of spy stories and also heard and read too much about it, that’s not enough according to the former CIA officer Jason Hanson. This might be a resembling of some common genuine spy story; even lots of real thing are existing in the world which you don’t really know them.

The real CIA agents usually have gone through with quite tough process and training that made them become much more patience than the other TV characters that you would have often seen in most TV shows.

This is the major reason that being a professional CIA agent, they have more capability inside to survive anywhere around the world than a normal person because they have already been faced lots of difficult survival mission where normal people could not able to survive.

Therefore, the best CIA agents come with different qualities such as more risk-taking, educated, quick-thinkers and especially they are more cautious and smart enough to understand the importance of research who efficiently handles their own egos and also bear to their instincts.

By learning all the best survival techniques are quite essential that will really help you to protect your family in anywhere around the world says Hanson. The worst thing you can do is to ignore nefarious people, find someone aggressive, or wait out a dangerous situation.

If necessary, you might want to keep some valuables hidden. Always be aware of your surroundings, so as not to be caught unprepared. You can teach your family how to recognize mental manipulation by using their zero, five, and twenty-five techniques. Prepare yourself for kidnapping. Become knowledgeable about online threats. When traveling, pack according to your survival needs.

A prepared mindset gives you the peace of mind which is necessary to enjoy life wonderful experiences, points out Hanson.

Most likely, you won’t ever need to know about a man wearing a trench coat passing secrets in a dark alley. Reading this book may not make you feel safe, but maybe it will make you feel safer in the future.

There’s one problem first: “Survive Like a Spy” won’t play. Jason Hanson offers real-world accounts of real cases, told by actual agents who have lived them, before providing an overview of how those stories relate to your own situation. Hannon even offers free websites to aid in honing skills, preparing survival kits, or learning more. If you like to imagine that you could face danger, or even if you face danger in reality, that’s useful information.

The espionage thriller “Survive Like a Spy” will certainly appeal to fans of espionage stories, but the film is also taking some serious steps that will expand its readership. It’s a book worth reading if you’re interested in living a double life.

Survive Like a Spy Anywhere In The World:

The book includes captivating accounts of spy operations in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Korea, Japan, and elsewhere.

  • It helps to gain the mental sharpness to be prepared for anything.
  • Escape if taken hostage.
  • Be prepared to defend yourself if you’re detailed by a under foreign cop
  • Build a perfect safe site.
  • Assume a fake identity.
  • Make allies when you need them by using the “Weapons of Mass Influence” to recruit others and build rapport.

The real-life spy drama, combined with practical strategies, makes Survive Like a Spy the perfect guide for those who like espionage, as well as those looking for ways to stay safe in a fast-moving world.

Playing hide-and-seek with you was always an enjoyable experience.

All the places you could never be found were known to you. It was easy to get back home once you were safe, and being the hunter was almost as simple as it had been. You might be able to use those old skills as you read “Survive Like a Spy” by Jason Hanson today.

The world is a strange place. Many reports say it gets weirder and weirder all the time, so you’d better make sure you’re not on its radar, so you’re good. The way real spies roll is through television and novels, right?

Make some specific points to analyze your surrounding on regularly:

When a bomb goes off, what should you do?

  1. If possible, keep your feet flat on the ground. You should grab onto anything you can in order to avoid being thrown around. Try crawling under a table or other heavy object if you are in a building to avoid falling debris. Don’t climb on top of bookcases, windows, or big mirrors that can fall on you. Keep your distance from shrapnel if you want to avoid death or serious injuries.
  2. Breathe Slowly and Shallowly – This helps prevent blast lung, which can cause the lungs to bloat up like a balloon and result in a serious injury.

Wait about a minute after exiting the building to make sure you won’t be hit by any falling debris.

A general rule of thumb with explosions is that if one bomb went off, then there are likely to be more.

If you are trapped in rubble, staying calm, remaining still, and drawing the attention of rescue crews will increase your chances of survival. Protect your mouth by covering it with an item of clothing. To alert rescue workers, make consistent tapping noises near pipes or walls.

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