the lost ways book review

The Lost Ways Book Review – Is It Scam or Worth to Buy?

Adventure is necessary for healthy life but with this, you have to prepare for any troubles which can occur in the journey. The struggle will overcome your problems.

There are many solutions and secrets through this you can survive in hectic situations. This program will help you better survive in critical situations.

What is the lost ways book?

This program comes with a digital book that belongs to our ancestors. It has 300 hard pages through which you can learn how ancestor live their life. The lost ways book will teach you great techniques on how to survive in critical situations when there is no chance to live.

The words of lost ways book are exceptional for everyone. In the past era, people live their lives in simple manners and they don’t know too much about this world.

They just did their work without any how to know. This book will teach you how our forefathers and foremothers survive their life with harsh reality. But the modernized nations don’t know the sad and critical situations of our past era.

Technology made a huge difference in our life. People who came before us used their knowledge and great skills to provide us comfort zone.

But in their comfort zone, people forget to learn skills and great techniques which are helpful in critical situations like war, huge food issues, being struck in the desert for a long time, and many more situations in reality.

People should learn those skills and advanced methods which are useful for us in future in any harsh situation. The ancient use their mind of knowledge and give techniques which are very helpful for forefathers to survive in dead conditions.

This book will guide you best and unique survival methods which are priceless knowledge and information. This book will connect you to the people who come before you. It has no contains any philosophies.

It just provides you real survival information and knowledge which you will remember in your life. This lost ways book will give you lots of survival techniques and methods through which you can survive any situation in an emergency.

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Author Of The Lost Ways Book

To know more about our ancestor’s living styles and surviving techniques Claude Davis wrote this book to get knowledge of our before people. He is a skilled and professional survivor.

He had lots of experience in it. The experience of a real situation is different than listening to a story. But you can get knowledge of that things and later you can implement it for your benefit.

He works as an educator and author of many different survival works. Claude is not a random guy but he is well skilled and has great experience of survival. Grandparents of Claude taught him some professional skills of surviving.

Claude is basically from Ukraine and he survived from Holomodor. In Holomodor approximately 12 million people were killed, which is the deadliest disaster in the 20th century.

With the help of his grandfather, he emigrates to the USA. This critical situation made him struggle to survive life for his family’s reputation. His grandfather passed special skills and methods to Claude, these special techniques Claude wants to share with you in this book. He also shares some other professional secrets and guides for surviving an emergency.

Like Erik gives guidance about shelter building, Shannon gave some information about sailors who preserve water for their living, Lex and Susan are herbal experts and make medicine from it for any disaster situation. All this guidance and information you are getting from this book is the struggle and skills of Claude Davis.

How Does The Lost Ways Book Work?

After learning things from this book, you can survive any disaster and protect your family, and passing this information from generation to generation is also helpful for them. This book contains a huge variety of special skills and the best methods to survive yourself and your family.

This book gives you ancient secrets of surviving which is a helping hand for you in an emergency. After this, you can easily survive man-made and natural disasters and give you confidence for a better living style. Using this book will tell you that how can you survive and how it works for you to survive.

1. Food

Through this book, you will know better about recipes that are more nutritious and which are unhealthy for you. Techniques of food were used by the native American scouts. These techniques will help people to know that with simple and readily available ingredients you can make your nutritious food.

2. Traps

Making traps will help you in the shortage of food supply. In any natural or man-made disaster, you can make a trap for your food chain supply which helps you to not struggle hard for a living.

3. Housing

A strong house is a best and great work to do for a living. In this book, you can learn that how to construct an underground house for your and protection of your family.

4. Water

You have to preserve water first when facing any crisis which causes a shortage of water supply. It teaches people how to store and afford water effectively.

5. Poultices

In this book, you also learn about how to make an effective poultice. You can make poultices by using special techniques of ancient ingredients.

6. Bullets

It also includes guidance about how to preserve your bullets during any crisis or disaster. Besides this, you can also learn if your bullets are no longer available for you.

Things you will get in the lost ways book?

If you want to succeed in your life then you have to take advice from elders and some other experience people. In this book, you also get some guidance from experienced and professional survivors who struggle most of the time to live their life happily.

This book includes some other professional guidance from people which is helpful for you. Their previous experience and knowledge will help us in the future. Some experts are given below:

1: Erik Bainbridge

He is native American. He used his special techniques and best methods to reconstruct again Kule Loklo village in California. He had expertise in shelter building. This will help in many purposes of life. It can be storm shelters, bunkers in war, and food storage facilities.

2: Patrick Shelley

He is a skilled and professional trapper. He has the skill to make any trap with his own hands. They are not only demonstrative but efficient enough to capture. It will help you to build some special traps for a variety of animals attack.

3: Shannon Azores

She is a master in preserving water. After this guidance, you can easily find sources of water. Because it needs your struggle to drink water which is good for health. Bacteria and another watery disease will leave in a way of death. So, in this, you will learn how to avoid bad water and how to preserve pure drinking water in any disaster.

4: Susan Morrow

She will help you to make effective medicinal poultices. He is a former science and chemist teacher. His real-life experience of plants will guide you to identify the best and great medicinal plants. She gives you information that how can you gather plants and natural ingredients to make a special and powerful poultice.

5: Lex Rooker

He is the best and a great expert on foods. He uses his experience to tell you how to preserve and save your food to eat in any crisis. He preserves food with common ingredients. As foods are easy to carry in your way. So, in this book, you can make foods from yourself with unique and best ingredients.


In this book, there is a total of three bonuses books for you that are totally free.

1. You should know what to grow in your garden as a survivor

In this bonus book, you can get knowledge about vegetables and plants. It includes 52 pages of information. You can easily use these vegetables and plants in your garden to avoid any critical situation in the future.

Some plants such as broccoli, prickly pear cactus are best for use for medicinal reasons. They are native and easy to grow anywhere to survive any serious situations.

2. EMP outlive the pioneer

This bonus includes 66 pages of information for you, written by Claude. It gives you vast knowledge through the great lens of the EMP crisis.  This will teach you how to survive any emergency.

The outline of this book is according to day by day. On the third day, you will find techniques that how to preserve and use pure water.

3. Making the best and effective rotating can system

It will tell you that your foods are expiring and bad for your health. In this bonus book, you will learn to build an affordable and great rotation system that will automatically process for you. It will guide you that which food is going to expire soon.

Is this product legit or a scam?

The lost ways book is the real information you can get for surviving yourself and your family. This book is popular around the world for its user’s feedback. Users who used this book, are satisfied with the information and methods which are given by Claude Davis in this book. You should try it once.

If you feel at any time that this book is not helping you, also you have a refund option in this program. This book includes techniques that are used by ancient people and then our ancestors to save from any disaster.

These techniques and effective methods are extremely helpful to avoid any serious situation like war, being stuck in any place where no one can find you easily, and in a natural disaster.

Through this information, you can make a proper arrangement for surviving your family and yourself. You can preserve water, make the best and strong trapper. Users who take this book, are also recommended to others to make an effective plan for living in serious conditions.

The Lost Ways Review – The pros and cons:


  • The North American unique and efficient perspective
  • Self-feeding fire and other special techniques and methods
  • Guidance on how to store water, food, or any other resources
  • Gardening, foraging, and identification tips
  • The informative and best bonus books
  • It’s easy to read.
  • Comprehensive knowledge.
  • The Lost Ways cover the best and great survival techniques and skills.
  • Will provide you step by step instructions.
  • It gives you a real-world scenario.
  • It gives knowledge and information about how our ancestors survive critical crises and disasters.
  • It teaches you to be proactive
  • It is easy to follow the guidelines and understand.
  • The price of this book is affordable.
  • Only provide you natural remedies and health tips.
  • It will give you knowledge and information that how can you take your food supply into your own hands.
  • This e-book will train you to survive any disaster and in an emergency.
  • It can easily be downloaded and accessed from where you are.
  • You will get your money back without taking any risk.


  • Using the official site you can avail of this program only in digital form.
  • It needs your dedication f time.
  • It needs your practice to be master in surviving skills and techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Is it safe to use?

Answer. Yes, it is totally risk-free. But it needs your time to get information properly and store food chain supply from avoiding any emergency condition. It gives you the best and effective surviving skills and methods.

Question 2: Are these lost ways legit?

Answer. It gives you knowledge and information which is based on reality. Customers who take this book are happy and satisfied with its techniques and information. This shows that the lost ways book is not a scam, but it’s only working to give you the best surviving techniques and methods.

Question 3: Is it official site is reliable?

Answer. Yes, it is totally reliable website.

Question 4: Is it worth your time?

Answer. Without learning survival techniques and skills, you can’t fight in a hectic and disastrous condition. So, in this book, you give your time to learn effective and unique techniques of surviving.


You can’t put a price tag on surviving knowledge, which is unique and efficient for life survivors. In this there is a lot of information is available that how to store food, preserve drinking water in any phase of a disaster.

It also gives you knowledge and techniques that how to make an efficient working trap for animals in case of emergency.

Many experts included Claude provide their real-life scenarios and give the best knowledge to you for your help if you face any critical or emergency. You can also have the option of a refund which you can claim within 60 days.

It will give you the confidence of last fighting chance in any natural or man-made disaster. This book prepares and enhances your surviving skills and techniques.

No one wants to face any disaster but if this happens, then you should prepare yourself easily. Because no one what will happen in future. Keep in mind, that our future looks more uncertain which is alarming.

With the knowledge and information provided by the lost ways book, you can mentally prepare that how to save your family and yourself from any serious disaster conditions.

You don’t have to worry about the techniques and methods of surviving, you can learn it easily, and in fact, you will feel comfortable and happy that you have learned surviving techniques and skills which save you from any disaster.

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